Redefine your relationship with food and exercise

Supporting children, teens, adults and their families on the path to recovery from disordered eating

Are you ready to be free of food rules?

Rediscovering how, what and why to eat is challenging, but doable!

Whether you’ve been counting calories for months (or years!) and don’t know how to stop or have a diagnosed eating disorder, our one-on-one nutritional counseling paired with support and education for you and your family will help you enjoy eating and exercising while feeling comfortable in your body again.

    Looking for information as you navigate the eating disorder recovery process with your child? 

    At Werth Your While Nutrition we know that supporting the family through eating disorder treatment is essential for all children, teens and adults suffering from eating disorders to reach full recovery.

    Our parent support programming provides the education and support necessary to help you handle meal-time outbursts, navigate the treatment landscape and maintain motivation throughout recovery for you and your child.


      Let’s Work Together

      Nutrition Therapy

      Virtual, individual 45 minute appointments with a Registered Dietitian. We specialize in disordered eating, eating disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, athletes and pediatrics. We accept Anthem, BCBS, Cigna, United Healthcare, Aetna and Yale Health insurance carriers.

      Support Groups and Special Programs

      The Parent Support Course

      This self-paced course for parents of those with eating disorders includes lessons ranging from finding treatment to handling meal-time outbursts to maintaining motivation throughout recovery.

      Client Successes

      The confidence to eat a more nutritious diet

      Working with Kelli McKenna has given me and my wife the confidence to eat a more nutritious diet. In a kind, nonjudgmental, empathetic way, she is adept at handling the dynamics of a couple. She is very knowledgeable and shows her appreciation at every session. Kelli is excellent at coming up with individualizing goals that my wife and I can work on together.

      Jen D. and Janet B., Nutrition Therapy Clients

      Client Successes

      She gave me the tools I needed

      With kindness, understanding, patience and extensive knowledge and without judgement, Julia helped me realize what was happening to my mind and body and gave me the tools I needed on my path to recovery.

      – June, Nutrition Therapy Client

      Client Successes

      Release the guilt and shame
      Nataliya has helped me release the guilt and shame that I often carry surrounding things that I’ve eaten, and she’s helped me to realize that I’m making gains even when I can’t see them. 

      – Michelle, Nutrition Therapy Client

      Client Successes

      Specific and timely help
      I really appreciated the support group that I attended. Never before have I had such access to a provider where I could get specific and timely help.

      – Barbara, A parent support program participant

      Client Successes

      I would absolutely recommend this practice to anyone looking for nutritional support. The practice is patient centered, flexible with your schedule, and highly reliable. The providers are knowledgeable and display incredible empathy and compassion in their work.

      – Erin, Alexis’ client

      hi there!

      I’m Julia

      Owner of Werth Your While Nutrition

      For years I battled picky eating (my parents right alongside me) which later developed into an eating disorder and stressed relationship with food and exercise. After recovering, I knew I wanted to help other individuals and families rediscover the joy in eating that I had finally found after years of meal-time meltdowns. In 2019, I launched Werth Your While Nutrition with that goal in mind. Today, we are a 4-dietitian team working together to serve children, teens and adults that struggle with disordered eating.


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      How to start working with us

      four steps to success

      Step 1:

      Book an introductory call

      A free, 15 minute phone call to determine if we are a good fit

      Step 2:

      Initial Session

      A 50 minute, virtual appointment where we will dive into all the details and set your first 2-4 goals to help you begin to recover

      Step 3:

      Follow Up Sessions

      Either on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis we will meet to re-evaluate goals and discuss roadblocks to fully nourishing your body

      Step 4:

      Extra Support

      As you begin regular sessions, we encourage all patients and their parents to join a support group 


      Book a free intro call today!

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      So your child has an Eating Disorder…now what?

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      Welcome to our new dietitian!

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