Emerald Isle Eats

When in Ireland, eat like the Irish. Or at least try.


Starting things off right with a spot of


Breaking the airplane fast with an Irish breakfast buffet, I avoided the black pudding, eating blood is not my kind of delicacy.


Toastie and chips at Sixmilebridge. Yes that’s what they call grilled cheese sandwiches and yes that’s the name of the town.


Vegetable soap is always pureed in Ireland, delicious, but not what I was expecting.


I’m a chocolate addict, what can I say? 


Sometimes it’s worth waiting even if you’re wicked hungry. This was one of those times I didn’t follow that advice.


I wish my kitchen set was this cute. 


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I ordered chicken and mashed potatoes, but I never would have pictured this.


Muffins…I found them in Galway! If I were to hazard a guess this muffin had a lot more butter than any of mine.


Ordered this at one of the most ecclectic restraunts I’ve ever been to – European, Indian and Thai…I guess they were trying to cover all their bases.


We learned the delight of a housekeeping cottage, and I learned I like my own cooking best of all.


I didn’t make it one day without finding a tea house, luckily they have one on nearly every corner.


Mom’s creation at the cottage. We were all really done with going out to eat.


A sandwich with a scenic view, peanut butter is sweeter in such a setting.


Pre-hike fuel. It was needed.


Our final night in Westport…we splurged on soda bread and lamb.


Sometimes it pays to be lactose intolerant…instead of soup, this is what I got. Maybe it didn’t quite match the medieval theme, but I’ll except it.


The rest of the meal was pretty good too.


And dessert. Good, but lacking in chocolate.


Ended the night (and the trip) with a last cup of Irish tea.

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