Monday is the New Friday

My eyes opened in a flash. Not like they had the previous four days when I dragged myself out of bed, while wanting nothing more then to curl up, snuggle back into my blankets and pretend I had nothing to do but dream.

But not today.

Today was Monday after all, the last day before the weekend!

tired feet

Photo taken just an hour before my weekend began, these feet  were so happy to not have weight on them. Being a chef is just downright exhausting.

Yes, you read that correctly. Didn’t you hear? Monday is the new Friday. At least for me.

In our society somehow Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday have become the days of the week and Saturday and Sunday the weekend, a word synonymous with days off. But everything doesn’t just shut down on the “weekend.”

Have you ever been to the movies on a Friday night with that special someone? Have you ever been on a shopping spree with your best friend on Saturday? Have you ever visited your grandparents in their assisted living home for Sunday afternoon dinner?

If you said yes to any of those then you must realize that somebody must have been working in order for you to do what you did. Someone collected your ticket at the theater, right? Some poor salesperson tried to offer you help while out shopping, and you probably ignored them. And somebody prepared those roast carrots and chicken salad you enjoyed.


Roast carrots before they entered the oven at 3:45 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Dinner is very early in an elderly home.

Just so you know, that somebody might have been me.

I never really considered it, but those people who work weekends (a category I now am part of), they probably have days off. Those days are not Saturday or Sunday and therefore Friday, the last day of work, the final push before you get to relax, the day when you wake up with a little more energy and a little more motivation because you know the end is near, is not Friday. It might even be the opposite. It might even be the most dreaded day (by all normal folk), it might be Monday.

chicken salad sandwich

Half of a half of a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. I never realized how small a portion size could really be for somebody over 80. 

And for me it is. Monday is the new Friday, and Wednesday is the new Sunday. That’s why I have time to write this on Wednesday. Enjoy working all day! I’m going to relax, after all, it’s the weekend for me.

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