After 19 miles by foot

And I’ve reached that point in marathon training where each week requires a multi-hour adventure and more than 36 hours of vast quantities of food consumption.


Halfway into my 19 mile run and I have never been happier to find a public beach…mostly because of the bathroom facility.



When you’ve run so far from home you’re slightly scared of the neighbors.


Best sight when you are 15 miles in. The kid behind me in line thought I must have drunk a gallon, might be part camel.


The photos of flowers increase exponentially on the run home. So many more things are just werth the stop.



Done. And my butt goes down.


Head follows shortly thereafter.


Feet find absolute bliss. I still haven’t found a feeling to beat jumping into a pool after a long run in the summer, it just can’t get better.


Second snack post run. I ate the first to fast to photograph.


36 hours later…and the craving for calories has not died down. They call for an ice cream run just 15 minutes before the store close – thanks to my dad for understanding the absolute necessity of jimmies, fudge and two types of ice cream in this crisis.

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