Counting love in jars of peanut butter

During the olympics, super bowl, world cup and really all other major sporting events, advertisements about sports drinks, energy bars, milk, athletic clothing lines and random foods (like beef jerky and jelly beans) are impossible to avoid.

Often they feature an athlete and the slogan “powered by” or “runs on” or some other combination of words to make you believe that this one item is solely responsible for their success.

Even none athletes and entire countries (like the USA) are supposedly powered by or running on something…(cue Dunkin Donuts commercial).


Peanut butter powered me through two amazing weeks in the land down under.

Although most of us aren’t professional athletes and not everyone relies on Dunks to get their day off to a good start, each of us probably can identify one item (food or otherwise) that above all else puts a smile on our face and some pep in our step.

When I was a baby (toddler, small child and probably also large child) that thing was without a doubt my stuffed animal rabbit (dubbed Happy Bunny). I brought him with me everywhere: bedtime, bathroom, playground, swimming pool…literally everywhere. After losing him weeks before I turned one, my Uncle found him and re-gifted him to me at my birthday party. His presence reversed my sour mood and prompted a refusal to open any other present, according to my parents.

But at some point in my teenage years I wasn’t running on Happy Bunny anymore, I’d found a new love, one that was socially acceptable to bring to high school.


I made it through college by eating peanut butter, jelly, banana bagels (often forming them into smiley faces before chowing down.)

What was I powered on? (hint, it typically goes with jelly and some bread and I mention it in nearly every post.)

Teddie’s Super Chunky All Natural Peanut Butter.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch and road trip dinners. Perfect for pocket-sized sandwiches and travel. Perfect on bagels, toast, bananas and chocolate.

I’m big on security snacks, and peanut butter sandwiches virtually never go bad (it helps that I like them a little squished).

When I moved to Maryland nearly five weeks ago and discovered the grocery store shelves void of my favorite source of energy I did what comes most naturally to me, I wrote about it. I made my sadness well known, but in truth I didn’t expect anything to come of my plea.


A surprise package arrived just a couple weeks after my post.

I had found another brand, it wasn’t perfect, but it would due. In time, I’m sure I would have adjusted.

But just like my Uncle did at my first birthday, those who love me and read my post came through.

With hand deliveries, with packages, with suitcases full. My little kitchen is now stocked with over a dozen jars (thanks to my roommate for allowing me to take up more than my fair share of space), enough to power me through to the new year.


The line of jars ready to be eaten.

Thanks to you (you know who you are), I’m back to running on Teddie’s.

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