When you dreamed you did something

I pressed publish and sat back, looking up at my calendar. March 10th was almost over and it had been a pretty great day.

Rock n Roll Half Marathon ✓
Ate a stack of pancakes and a pizza✓
Baked a double-decker, chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel cake ✓
23 years of life ✓

And now blog post about it all…


…or so I thought.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of dream that seemed so real you thought it actually happened? Like maybe you were in the middle of a fight with your boyfriend and you woke up really angry with him and spent the whole day annoyed and he was so confused…

Or maybe you missed the sign ups for the SATs (or any really important exam) and you freaked out and woke up and rushed to your computer only to find out registration didn’t open yet…


I got more Teddie’s for my birthday! Best gift.

Or maybe you wrote an incredible blog post about your 23rd birthday celebration that involved running a half marathon, hanging out with your favorite running buddy, baking your own cake and despite not seeing any family, feeling so loved from all the cards, texts and phone calls and then you wake up and can’t figure out where the post went…

Unfortunately, all of these have happened to me. And that last one, that actually happened this week.

As someone who LOVES birthdays – especially birthday cards – I had been planning my birthday post for a while. So much so, apparently, that I actually dreamed I did it! For three full days I just assumed it was up here, being read and enjoyed by you (whoever you are reading this right now) but then, today, I went to start work on my next one (it’s about crock pots so get excited) and…

There was no birthday post. It was all a dream.

I just sort of sat and stared at my computer for a little while. Then I pulled out my planner (my most prized possession) and saw that I had even checked it off! This set me into a slight panic about all the other things that I could have dreamed that I did and crossed off with out actually doing…

As far as I can tell this is the only one so far, thank goodness.


With it already being March 14th, it hardly seems appropriate to go back and give you a play-by-play of my day, so let me leave you with just the lessons I’ve learned as a 22-year-old and hope to implement during age 23.

  1. Calling your mom/dad everyday is a good idea
  2. Moving to a new state is hard, but also exciting
  3. Our bodies are incredible and capable of so many things – like running a 10+ mile race every week for 3 in a row!
  4. Our dreams are powerful…they can even make you think you did something you didn’t! So double check your planners, maybe you too crossed something off you only did in a dream.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent a card! They made my birthday so special even if I couldn’t see any of you!

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