It’s not summer yet?

As a junior in high school (six years ago now, ahh!!) I remember walking to school during the first week in June and thinking, this is the last time I’ll ever go to school in June. 

I really can’t tell you why that felt so significant to me, but it did. June had always been just the start of summer, but I was realizing that, that was soon to change.

For the five years following, summer began in May. Exams were done and my first beach trip had taken place weeks before Memorial Day. I spent the month I used to be battling spring fever on vacation, catching up with friends and starting a new internship or job. What I certainly didn’t do was wake up before 6 a.m., put on long pants and head to class, a conference or yet another rotation.

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Last year this time I certainly wasn’t spending my evenings studying…

So…why am I currently wearing long pants (khakis to be exact), sitting at my kitchen table after a day of class and wondering whether or not writing this blog post counts as procrastination when studying for my RD exam might be the more pressing problem?

The answer: My 17 year-old self was wrong. I would go to school (well my dietetic internship classes and rotations) in June again, I would be waking up before 6 a.m each morning in May and I would be battling spring fever hard.

It’s not that I’m not still loving each day of my dietetic internship, or that I’m not excited for what the future might bring (still very up in the air), or that I’m not finding opportunities for fun (this weekend I did <1 hour of homework because my best friend was in town)…but the truth is the fact that I’m still in “school” and it’s nearly June may have brought out some old tendencies of mine…the tally marks have begun.

1 month, 30 days and 22 hours until graduation.

For everyone else still in school (whether you’re a student or teaching) we’ve got this!


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