Six weeks and two letters later

Just under 11 months ago, I was training for a marathon, eating lots of peanut butter, getting back to blogging, taking pictures of my feet and trying to figure out how to fit everything I owned in my little silver car.

Today, I’m training for a marathon, eating lots of peanut butter, getting back to blogging (although it’s only been 6 weeks instead of a year), taking pictures of my feet and recently unpacked almost everything (my trunk is still full of cooking utensils) I own from my little silver car.


My very happy feet in my very lucky shoes after passing my dietetic registration exam.

So here’s the question, for the past 10 and a half months have I been driving around with everything I own in my little silver car?

Thankfully, no. But my car was sitting fully packed for over a week in my parents driveway!

Anyway, despite my not-so-lofty goal of a blog post a week for 2018, I fell short (as is bound to happen) during the hectic weeks of graduating, studying, exam-taking, interviewing (still not done with that), moving (kind of) and vacationing that consumed the start to my summer.

But – although I’m still living in limbo without a full-time job yet – I’m back to blogging, and this time I have two new letters to tell you all about.



Finally feeling official, although still a little goofy.

Five years after I realized that I could turn my passion for cooking, health and fitness into a career and found myself signing up for Fundamentals of Nutrition at freshman orientation instead of any engineering courses, I am finally official. Not just a vegetable-lover, a fitness fanatic or food blogger, now I can hopefully put more faith in what you read here and call myself a Registered Dietitian.

So join me here at least once a week (that’s the goal anyway) to share more stories of repairing relationships with food, incorporating fitness into our daily lives and some new recipes I’ve been working on. I promise, it will be werth your while.

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