Life with ED, the podcast is HERE!!

On January 9th I went for a late afternoon run. I took a new route, fully around a lake I’d only ever run the length of before. It was one of those January days – that we seem to be having a lot of lately – that make you wonder if it’s really April.

I hadn’t felt great running in a few weeks, but this run was different. I was going faster than usual and not even feeling the strain, my mind was racing. Thinking. Planning. I’ve had countless conversations (and meltdowns) over what I want to do with my life over the past year. Some are productive, and others leave me wondering if I am taking the completely wrong career path.

That day though, as I crossed onto a street I’d never taken before the idea literally just popped into my head. A podcast. A podcast about eating disorders. Life with ED in “real” life.

I actually stopped running when the thought first bloomed. Whoa. I thought. This is it. This is what I want – what I’m meant – to do. My friend Tara (who will be featured on episode 2!) told me this is what in divinity school they refer to as a calling. I can by that. I’ve rarely ever felt so determined to do something – and fast.

Excitement – and furious planning – propelled my remaining three miles. Instead of arriving home, attempting to stretch and then forgetting about it, when I got home I took a picture (of my feet of course) and posted it online. I didn’t just tell myself, but the world, that I was going to do this. Accountability is a powerful thing.


In the past 19 days I read dozens of blogs and websites about starting a podcast. What to do, what to buy, how to promote it etc. I ordered equipment, spent a snowy Sunday learning I didn’t understand recording technology at all and finally recording my promo for the podcast.

I thought I would wait (funny idea) until National Eating Disorder Awareness Week to post it. A good time to launch a podcast about eating disorders for maximum attention and publicity.

Little did I know myself.

There was no stopping this ball from rolling toward published podcast once it had begun. And so…Last Monday I released the promo and today the first full episode is out! It’s on apple podcast (itunes), SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast…idk maybe other places? Still trying to figure this all out. But go CHECK IT OUT! Like it, subscribe, follow, review – whatever you can.

The first episode is about me. So if you’ve been keeping up with the Life with ED series on this blog you’ll know bits of it, but there’s a lot more in the episode than I’ve ever written about here.

Episodes will be released biweekly so episode two will be out February 11! Can’t wait to share more werth your while content with you all in 2019.

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