Happy New Year!

It’s January 12, there is snow on the ground here in Connecticut and yet again I’m planning, strategizing and setting goals for Werth Your While Nutrition. After three and a half years of this business thing I thought it was about time for a formal update.

It’s strange to think back to August, 2018, when I first decided on a business name, designed the logo (I love carrots and running) and then spent several months trying to determine what that business should be.

First presentation I gave at a library…back in August of 2018 I thought my business would be mostly focused on presentations and community outreach.

I had a lot of different ideas — tried a few different unsuccessful avenues — until I fully embraced my passion for helping individuals with eating disorders, GI conditions and athletes. I launched Life with ED, the podcast in January and saw my first 1:1 patient (virtually! I was ahead of my time) in April of 2019. At that time I had paper medical records, I didn’t accept insurance and I still wasn’t sure if WYW would ever be my full time job.

In 2020, I invested in a business coach, briefly had an in-person location before the pandemic struck, saw 59 clients and had 422 individual sessions. I also of course had a baby in November…which complicated productivity slightly….

2021 was by our biggest year yet. Firstly, because I can now say “our” as WYW is no longer a one-woman show. I trusted my new business coach and hired staff: Rachael, Nataliya and Cheyenne. In 2021, we saw more than 150 clients and had more than 1,600 sessions between the three dietitians. We also expanded into parent programming with out parent support program and our summer and fall lecture series.

In 2022, we are anticipating continued change beginning with Rachael transitioning from part time to full time this week appointments available all 5 days of the week, a third launch of the parent support program on January 24, a parent course available the first week of February and the relaunch of Life with ED, the podcast.

I’m personally so excited to get back to podcasting with a new focus on supporting parents and families of those suffering from disordered eating and eating disorders. The first episode will be available THIS FRIDAY. So make sure to subscribe on itunes.

We hope to continue to do our best to serve and support families and individuals as they work to improve their relationship with food, body and exercise.

Happy Eating! And Happy New Year!


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