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We are Werth Your While Nutrition!

We work to help individuals and families heal from feeding and eating disorders. We work to repair relationships with food and exercise and help everyone fuel for success.

Our Story + Approach

After recovering from bulimia in my teens, I knew I wanted to help other individuals and families rediscover the joy in eating that I had finally found after years of meal-time meltdowns. In 2019, I launched Werth Your While Nutrition with that goal in mind. Today, we are a 4-dietitian team working together to serve children, teens and adults who struggle with disordered eating. 

We offer 1:1 nutrition therapy for those with disordered eating, eating disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and athletes. We also offer support groups for teens and adults and parent support programming for loved ones of those in eating disorder recovery.

Meet the Team

Julia Werth

My name is Julia Werth and I am the owner of Werth Your While Nutrition, a non-diet dietitian focused on making all foods fit through the principles of Intuitive Eating. I am passionate about helping the whole family of those with disordered eating feel supported through the recovery journey.

As a kid growing up I was a terrible picky eater – although you’d never believe it now. As a middle schooler I slowly learned to eat (and even love!) most foods through the fun of cooking. Unfortunately, by 15, my desires to perform better as an athlete and the persistent pressure to be thin brought me into a six-year-long battle with bulimia. Through the help of friends, family, professionals and the discovery of intuitive eating I have been able to heal my relationship with both food and exercise.

Today, I live in New Haven, Connecticut with my husband and daughter, Rosalie! I love pizza and anything to do with running (the shoes, the clothes, the races…all of it.) To keep up to date with me and all things going on at Werth Your While Nutrition follow our blog and podcast.

Kelli McKenna

My name is Kelli McKenna and I’m a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about wellness, intuitive eating, mental health, and functional and clinical nutrition. I obtained a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and shortly after realizing that nutrition was my true passion, went back to school to complete my nutrition education on the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian. Throughout this time, I worked as a Behavioral Health Counselor at Eating Recovery Center in Denver, which is where my excitement for helping clients navigate eating disorders and recovery began.

Since 2019, I have primarily worked with clients with type 2 diabetes and other metabolic health diseases, particularly at the intersection of disordered eating.  I am incredibly invested in seeing people build a healthier relationship with food, nourishment, physical activity, and their bodies! I take a collaborative approach in meeting people where they are at, while also simultaneously guiding clients in the direction of their goals. I am passionate about this work because I truly love to help people make meaningful changes in their lives. 

Nataliya Putnam

My name is Nataliya Putnam and I am a Registered Dietitian with undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Nutritional Sciences, as well as a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. I have been interested in the intersection of food, nutrition and health for almost my entire life thanks to my diverse background and upbringing. I was born in Ukraine, and moved to U.S. just before starting kindergarten. I grew up with an acute awareness to the differences in food cultures (our preferences, our traditions, our values) and how these can impact our health beliefs. 

I have a strong clinical nutrition background, especially in gastro-intestinal, cardiac and renal conditions and their intersection with disordered eating. I approach medical nutrition therapy with a patient centered approach with emphasis on the social-cognitive aspect of health behaviors. I hope that my unique experience as an immigrant, a psychology major, and as a person who simply loves food will enable me to help others to establish a positive relationship with food and achieve their health goals.

Today I live in Wallingford with my wonderful husband, daughter and dog, and enjoy cooking, hiking, and dancing. Some of my favorite foods include, but are not limited to, sushi, pierogies, coffee, and anything chocolate!

Alexis Irvine

My name is Alexis Irvine and I am a Registered Dietitian with an undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences. I have experience practicing as an inpatient clinical dietitian with a population dealing with a variety of conditions and disordered eating patterns. This in combination with my lived experiences have fueled my passion to help others cultivate a healthy relationship with food and recognize that their worth is not defined by their food choices. 

I previously fell into the cycle of chronic dieting from my teens into adulthood. I struggled with body image issues and have seen family and friends deal with the same. I have since found peace with food and self and am eager to help others find the same freedom. I am a non-diet dietitian that practices an all foods fit mentality and neutral approach as it relates to body size and eating.

My home is located in Stonington with my husband, dog, and two cats. I enjoy DIY projects, refurbishing furniture, and cooking. My most cherished moments include being surrounded by loved ones enjoying a delicious dish, with favorites including pizza, sushi, pasta, and many more. 



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