Nutrition Therapy and Group Support

Services include both individual and group virtual experiences for clients local to Connecticut and throughout the country.

“As a cadet at the United States Coast Guard Academy, I am very appreciative for the Registered Dietitian Ms. Julia Werth’s time and dedication working alongside me to help improve my personal nutrition and eating habits. She gave me valuable insight and a plan of action… I would highly recommend to her to any individual wanting to seek nutritional advice and guidance! “

– Carolyn

Nutrition Therapy: In-person and virtual 45 minute appointments. We specialize in disordered eating, eating disorders, athletes and pediatrics.

Meal Time Support: Lacking accountability? Join Dietitian Rachael and other Werth Your While clients for a zoom meal on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Parent Support Program A 4-month program that takes parents of children/young adults with eating disorders from a place of fear and confusion to feeling empowered and equipped to support their child through recovery. It includes biweekly support groups, live Q&As with eating disorder professionals, new resources available each week and a Facebook group to ask all your questions.

“Throughout my journey to recovery, Julia taught me what it means to be “healthy” for your own body, gently corrected my misperceptions of health and wellbeing, helped me identify root causes of my eating disorder, and guided me through uncomfortable situations to help me grow. With kindness, understanding, patience and extensive knowledge and without judgement, she helped me realize what was happening to my mind and body and gave me the tools I needed on my path to recovery. Julia was the member of my recovery team who stayed even while others faded to the background. I am forever grateful for all she did.”

– June

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