Nutrition Therapy and Parent Support

Services include both individual and group virtual experiences for clients local to Connecticut and throughout the country.

“I was referred to Julia Werth by my gastroenterologist for gastroparesis and acid reflux. My time working with her has produced great symptom reduction and a marked improvement in my health! She is honestly one of the best medical professionals I have worked with. She works with you to form a plan around your needs that still includes foods that you enjoy. She explains not only what we are changing, but also why we are changing it and the underlying bodily processes. She does all this in a clear and easy-to-understand way and personalizes her explanations to your level of understanding.”

– Abigail

Nutrition Therapy: Virtual, individual 45 minute appointments. We specialize in disordered eating, eating disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, athletes and pediatrics. Book an introductory call here.

The Complete Parent Support Course and Speaker Series: Looking for information as you navigate the eating disorder recovery process with your child? Feeling alone? Unsure where to turn for help? If so, this course is right for you. The program will include lessons ranging from finding treatment to handling meal-time outbursts to maintaining motivation throughout recovery.

To connect with others and gain real-time, personalized support join us for the Spring Speaker Series (running April 6 through May 18) on Wednesday evenings at 7pm between to learn, vent and become better prepared to support your child as they work to recover from their eating disorder.

“Throughout my journey to recovery, Julia taught me what it means to be “healthy” for your own body, gently corrected my misperceptions of health and wellbeing, helped me identify root causes of my eating disorder, and guided me through uncomfortable situations to help me grow. With kindness, understanding, patience and extensive knowledge and without judgement, she helped me realize what was happening to my mind and body and gave me the tools I needed on my path to recovery. Julia was the member of my recovery team who stayed even while others faded to the background. I am forever grateful for all she did.”

– June

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