Hello! And welcome to Werth Your While Nutrition. My name is Julia Werth and I am a journalist and Registered Dietitian from a big family in the Boston area. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in May 2017 (as evidenced by nearly 50 percent of my apparel) and still have a lot of Husky pride! I completed my dietetic internship at the University of Maryland College Park in June 2018 and am currently living in limbo between internship and full-time job…moving back up the east coast to New Haven!

I love a good adventure and even more than that I love to tell stories. Follow my blog for stories of running, cooking, transitioning to a new state and life with an eating disorder through the eyes of someone in recovery.

I am in the process of setting up my own counseling business in Connecticut for those who need to reestablish a good relationship with food. Whether you’re struggling with disordered eating, over eating or simply how to fit healthy eating (and cooking) into your day I’m here to help. Please stay tuned for my coming services.

Please contact me via email (juliabwerth@gmail.com), twitter (@jboelwerth), instagram (@jbwerth) or facebook to give me feedback, suggestions or share your own stories.

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