The Parent Support Program

Become equipped and empowered to support your child through eating disorder recovery

So…your child has an eating disorder…now what?

When your child is diagnosed with an eating disorder it can feel like your world has fallen apart. Even months into treatment guilt, fear, worry and confusion can overwhelm you. Finding appropriate, affordable treatment, handling meal-time outbursts and wrapping your head around a whole new way of thinking about food and body is challenging to say the least. Your life can become filled with countless therapy and doctor visits and the fear about your child’s health can be oppressive.

Does that sound familiar?

Imagine you don’t feel isolated anymore. Imagine having the support of professionals and connection to other families in the exact same situation. Imagine not having to wait for your child’s 1:1 appointments to ask a question of a dietitian, physician or therapist. Imagine having a place to address your frustrations and fears.

That’s exactly what you get in the Parent Support Program through Werth Your While Nutrition.

Whether your child was just diagnosed or has been in treatment for years, connecting with other parents in the same situation and having a reliable place to ask questions can make all the difference.

I loved the Dr. from Connecticut Children’s Hospital and the other providers as well. Julia does a great job of facilitating. The open hours are really helpful too! I liked how you ask us each individual questions .

Past Parent Support Program Participant

Hi, I’m Julia.

I’m a Registered Dietitian and owner of Werth Your While Nutrition, a group practice serving children, teens and adults with disordered eating.

As a teenager I battled bulimia for six years and my parents longed to know how to help me. I tried all forms of treatment and eventually recovered, but my parents never found other families to connect with and never felt confident in how best to support my recovery.
When I started work as a dietitian I learned that their story was not unique. Nearly all my client’s parents felt alone and unsure of how to help their child.

This program was born out of a desire to provide support to the entire family wherever they are in their eating disorder journey. It’s the program I wish my parents had all those years ago.

I really appreciated the office hours that I attended. Never before have I had such access to a provider where I could get specific and timely help.

Past Parent Support Program Participant

What the program includes…

  1. Office hour time with Julia and the group to strategize how to best care for your child and difficulties you are facing in supporting your child
  2. Six guest speakers including with therapists, dietitians, coaches and physicians specialized in the field of eating disorders
  3. Eight modules that guide you through everything from choosing the right level of treatment to understanding meal plans qne intuitive eating to maintaining motivation and handling relapses throughout the recovery process
  4. Easy access to a group of other parents and professionals to ask questions of at any time

Program dates:

January 24 – March 18


$200/month or $375 in a one-time payment

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