A full year werth your while

Published on: 10/08/2018

Hey there! It’s been a while.

Sometimes when you’re moving and working and spending an incredible amount of time in an un-air-conditioned car time slips away from you.

One minute, it’s August 21 and you’re thinking you have nearly a month left of summer, time to go to the beach, to catch up with old friends, to buy a bed before you move into a new apartment…and the next minute it’s September 21, the first day of fall, you never made it to the beach, you haven’t seen anybody because you’re still spending all your time in an un-air-conditioned car and your new apartment still lacks a bed.

Well, that sometimes, was my current condition.

It was when I wrote the intro to the blog post…and now it’s October 8 and finally getting back to it.

Werth Your While Logo_Final_Submark Color

I had a lot of plans for this blog in August and September. For Werth Your While (things are changing around here if you haven’t noticed! Check out my new logo that I’m absolutely obsessed with to the left.) But sometimes plans take a little longer than you intended and other things get in the way and I’m going to (pretend) I’m okay with that.

Deep breath. 

So I’ll give you just the highlights of the last month and a half so we can move on to some new werth your while content coming this week!

1. I was blessed with a third nephew who is gorgeousIMG_6098 and perfect in every way. I’m just a little biased, but I think he is just the best. Many of the hours I had planned to be writing here I have spent driving to see him, holding him and cooing over the photos my family sends of him each day. (Sorry but he was werth it.)

2. I went on my first long, destination vacation in over a year. It was SO needed. I tried so hard (and almost succeeded) not to work at all and when I came back – although I rushed into work within hours of landing and was exhausted from all our adventures, I felt the refreshed kind of energy you can rarely ever get from anything but a good, long break.


3. My mom and I crushed our second half marathon together and the overwhelming feelings of pride and joy I have felt since have carried me through the last two and half crazy weeks of ending one job (mostly – still freelancing for the CT Mirror) and beginning the next!

And that brings us to…

4. Today (or yesterday by the time you’re reading this) was my first day of full time work as a dietitian. I was just a little nervous, and very excited, but – as tends to happen – the first day is all administrative. I’ve yet to meet the students I’ll be working with, the faculty and coaches I will speak with daily or even see six of the seven schools that will hopefully become familiar in due time. There’s a lot ahead for me, and also for this space. Stay with me this year as I take Werth Your While Nutrition to a few places I know and many more that I have yet to learn about.

If you have any topic that you’re interested or dying to learn more about – a question about an eating disorder, what life can be like in some situation when ED comes with you or how to best prepare for the onslaught of 30 hungry people in a one bedroom apartment (that’s coming later this week) please, please reach out to me, email, comment and let me know how I can serve you best!

Here’s to one full year of Werth Your While and many more to come!



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Jacqui portrait

Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur dar sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquya. 

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